Hospitality Operations Program

The hospitality industry encompasses hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruises, convention centers, theme parks, private clubs, and many other businesses within the tourism industry. In this 600-hour program you’ll learn essential skills such as front office operations, housekeeping and facilities management, and food and beverage operations. Let’s get started!

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The Culinary Tech Center has increased the scholarship award from $1,500 to $3,000 and have added a 4th category to qualify.

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Zachary Friedlander

Graduated May 2015

“My name is Zachary Friedlander and I graduated from Culinary Tech Center in 2015 through the Hotel Operations program. I had little to no experience in a classroom environment after I graduated from high school. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to grasp what I was being taught and that the instructors may not have the patience to work with me.
My teachers worked diligently with me to make sure I understood the material and I witnessed the same with the rest of the students. The curriculum is not as clinical as traditional college and the classes are taught by actual professionals who’ve spent years working in the industry. These are not textbook teachers. I would recommend CTC to anybody seeking to learn in a hands-on environment. This school is set up for anybody to succeed, as long as you are willing to just show up, listen and learn. I’m grateful for the relationships I gained at CTC. I still come to the school for advice from my teacher, Ms. Jennifer Reyes, whom I consider a mentor to me.
The training helped me to gain a general knowledge in all aspects of the hotel and restaurant industry. This was much better for me than if I would have gone to college. I had some true New York experience through the hands-on approach my instructors took and the lengths they went to make sure we understood the ins and outs of the industry. Some of my fondest memories ranged from back of the house tours in 4 star hotels to riding on Double Decker buses for history lessons.
I appreciate the supportive, honest, safe and family oriented environment this was for me. I looked forward everyday to spending the time at CTC. I didn’t have that in any other corners of my life. Before I came to this school, I worked in labor industries and dead end jobs that had no opportunity for advancement. I had fears about going back to school in my mid twenties and I was lost in life in general. I learned many life lessons and valuable knowledge from all instructors and staff at this school. I thank CTC for making this a wonderful learning experience and joining me on this journey. ”