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Culinary Program

Our Commercial Cooking Plus Externship prepares you for entry into the culinary field with a variety of courses that include standard knife skills, culinary terminology, intense food preparation methods, menu planning, catering, and plating techniques. You’ll also be exposed to a variety of international and regional cuisines to expand your skill sets. Let’s cook!

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Invest in Your Future

We offer financial aid assistance for those who qualify, as well as monthly payment plans to put a great education within reach.

Get Started Quickly

In just 6 months our nationally accredited program prepares students to obtain entry-level positions such as prep cook, garde manger, sous chef, or line cook. Students also prepare for the NYC Food Handler’s Certification exam.

Learn Real-World Skills

Students learn in a realistic setting by cooking in our industry standard commercial kitchens, and work with chef instructors who are experienced in the industry. A 2-month externship provides on-the-job training.

Find a Job

Our Director of Externship and Placement assists graduates with job leads and career development tools. We also offer professional development skills training to help graduates enter the workforce with skills such as resume writing, goal setting, and interviewing.

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Come visit us and see all we have to offer. You will be cooking in a industry standard New York kitchen sooner than you think!

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Shaina Quinones

Graduated May 2015

“The program has given me a great work ethic and a lot of skills that I’ve been able to use working in a professional restaurant kitchen. I’m really grateful for my chef instructors’ guidance and all of the instruction I got while studying here. I have been working at Combina in Soho for the past five months—I actually helped them open the restaurant. They serve Spanish-Israeli tapas, and I love my job there.”

Charitha Sham

Graduated November 2015

“I had a great time working with the instructors here at the Culinary Tech Center. I learned everything I know from Chef George. I now work at American Cut with Chef Marc Forgione.”

Chris Tricules

Graduated May 2014

“The culinary program put me on my feet and set me in the right direction. I’m now working as a line cook at two restaurants at Jean Georges’ Perry St. and Spice Market.”

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